Laminar Flow
Turbulent Flows
Flow Stability
Incompressible Flows
Compressibility Flows
Biological Processes
Boundary Layers
Non-Newtonian Fluids
Free Surface Flows
2_Phases & Multiphase Flows
Flows with Combustion
Diluted Flows
Flow in Porous Media
The Dynamics of Geophysical Fluids (Atmospheric & Oceanic)
Application of Remote Sensing in the Study of Environmental Flow
Environmental Fluid Dynamics
Hovering & Circulating Effects in Flow
Heat and Mass Transfer
Free Surface Flows
Fluids Applications in Biomedical Engineering
Measurement & Control Methods of Flow
Small-Scale Fluid Dynamics (Micro & Nano)
Fluid Dynamics in Marine Engineering
Fluid Dynamics with The Effects of Electrical and Magnetical Fields
Bio Mechanics
Tissue Engineering

     Mechanical engineering department of Sharood University of technology is honored to be the host of the greatest gathering of Iran’s professors,researchers,university students and industrialist. Our purpose is to make an ambience where all people can share their ideas on different fields of fluid dynamics. Fluid dynamics conference has been working on finding solutions for industrial issues and meanwhile it represents the most significant scientific results of researchers.  Industrial meetings and technical training workshops are holding parallel to management meetings in order to share different points of view. Hereby,we invite scientific society and country’s industries to attend this conference and help us to promote the level of this meeting which its outcome may be found very helpful for national industries. We hope that the results which are obtained from this conference be a solution to scientific issues in fluid dynamics field.

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